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Three papers at the same time were listed as Top 25 Hottest articles (top 8, top 10, top 11)in Journal of Aerosol Science, one article is listed as one of Top 10 most cited papers in Journal of Occupational & Environmental Hygiene!

Dr. Yao was awarded a National Science Foundation grant in August 2010!.
Three years' lab celebration!
Dr. Yao gave two talks in Bioaerosol Symposium in AAAR in the US, Oct 2010.
Graduate student Fangxia Shen gave a talk at International Aerosol Conference to be held in Finland!
Dr. Yao met Premier Wen Jiabao in 1st Korea-Japan-China Young Researcher Workshop on May 30, 2010

Dr. Yao was awarded "The Fast Research Progress Award" by the College, December 2009!

Principal Investigator:

      Yao at PKU

要茂盛 博士、特聘研究员、博士生导师
(Maosheng Yao, PhD)

北京大学 “百人计划” 优秀青年人才
"100 Scholar Program" Investigator

Department of Environmental Sciences
College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Peking University



Phone: 010-6276-7282

Fax: 010-6276-7282

Email: yao@pku.edu.cn

College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Beijing, China 100871

Research Directions

bullet Fundamental bioaerosol sampling, characterization, control, and generation
bullet Biological exposure assessment and control
bullet Environmental bioaerosol detection and quantification
bullet Development of environmental biosensor
bulletRole of bioaerosol in climate change

Last modified: 12/29/2010